Black with Imposter Syndrome - Melanin Doc
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Black with Imposter Syndrome

BGWC family THIS IS NOT A DRILL! This right here is my favorite vlog recorded to date! You all join me in welcoming Dr. Biosha Jones (@BioshaJ) back to the set and listen up as we discuss the trials and triumphs that she has encountered along her journey.

There are about 17 different sermons in this one vlog, and I truly hope you catch them all then share it with your friends. As we are in the middle of this pandemic and many students struggle with uncertainty, I believe that the wisdom shared here will help motivate and inspire at least ONE person watching. If that’s you, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Black Girl White Coat is a social media initiative created by Sandra Coker, an emergency medicine resident at The University of Chicago. Inspired by the lack of representation, mentorship, and proper advising opportunities available for students of color, Sandra made it her purpose to fill in the gap. Black Girl White Coat is a platform crafted to provide motivation, mentorship, and scholarship to those traditionally underrepresented in healthcare career fields.

Check out their Website: Blackgirlwhitecoat.org

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