Covid, Travel and Burnout: A Journey Towards Self Care - Melanin Doc
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Covid, Travel and Burnout: A Journey Towards Self Care

*Sponsored Post by The Ladies Abroad


To say thank you to all healthcare workers, we want to give you a $100 off discount on our Greece, Tanzania, Turkey, and South of France 2021 trips. All you have to do is enter the discount code: ‘MELANINDOC21′. Tell them Melanin Doc sent you!


Compared to other countries, research shows that Americans work more than anyone in the industrialized world (CNN TRAVEL). Americans also take less vacation, worker longer days and retire later than other countries. So, you may be asking yourself why that is. The reason being is that vacation time isn’t mandated, but usually up to employers. Vacations in America are typically seen as a bonus, rather than deserved time off.

According to CNN Travel, about one-fourth of American employees get no paid vacation at all whereas other developed countries do. Employees who receive mandated vacation time from their employers typically receive an average of about 10 days a year. Project Time Off, also noted that about 54% of American employees don’t even use the days off that they earned.

How traveling helps your mental health

Numerous studies have shown that taking time off of work can have physical and psychological health benefits. People who prioritize time off have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and have a higher motivation to achieve goals. Still don’t believe us? Here’s a list of some benefits of taking time off from work:


  • Decreases burnout and stress
      • This is probably the most beneficial reason to take a vacation. It reduces stress and burnout. This claim is supported by multiple studies and the American Psychological Association. The hustle and bustle of a work day can leave us feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. 
      • With COVID-19, many healthcare professionals are experiencing burnout more than ever. According to mental health experts, healthcare workers are incredibly prone to post-traumatic stress and emotional burnout. A recent study of US physicians found 46 percent of the respondents had at least one symptom of burnout. Since the beginning of COVID-19, this number could be much higher. 



  • Allows our brains to recharge
      • Taking a vacation can help your mental and physical health. At work, we may find ourselves in a routine, that doesn’t allow us much mental flexibility. We may often find ourselves tapped out which means that our brains are exhausted. Just as a vacation gives our bodies a break, it allows our minds to recharge. 


  • Our relationships thrive
    • If you’re someone who puts your relationships in the backseat, this tip is for you. In order for relationships to thrive, it means spending time with other people. Working too much can not only put you under stress but cause your relationships to suffer. You’ll find yourself turning down invites or bringing stress into your interactions with friends and loved ones. 


Taking a vacation gives us time to ourselves and reconnect with our loved ones. It also allows us to form bonds between people. Studies have found that vacations are great for quality time for relationships and shared experiences. People who have strong bonds with others tend to feel less stressed and are less prone to depression

Travel with The Ladies Abroad in 2021


Do you need to be fulfilled? We want to encourage you to take a future vacation to better your mental health and The Ladies Abroad is a company that can help! 

Want to go on an African safari in Tanzania? How about swinging above the palm trees in Bali? Maybe you’re interested in walking through history in Athens and visiting the jaw-dropping islands of Mykonos and Santorini? We have many 2021 trips for you to choose from! View our 2021 trips.

We understand not having the time to plan a vacation due to having such a busy lifestyle. Our goal is to make each guest do as little work as possible. All you have to do is book your flight and we even assist with finding flights if needed. Trying to plan a vacation with friends can be a headache especially with conflicting schedules. All of our future trips are planned in advance which will make the process much easier. All of our trips also include luxury accommodation, daily breakfast, a welcome and goodbye dinner, and other specific meals. All activity fees listed in our itinerary are also included. Again, our goal is to make your vacation as relaxing and hassle free as possible!

As Seen in Forbes, The Ladies Abroad is a women-only travel company that specializes in hosting safe and relaxing luxury bucket list trips. Our destinations include Bali, Marrakech, Zanzibar, Santorini, the Amalfi Coast, and more! Our goal is to encourage women to see the world, meet other like minded women, and to stop depending on others to travel. We do all the planning and handle all ground logistics. All you have to do is show up and we’ll take care of everything for you. You deserve a luxury future vacation and we’re here to give it to you!

Are you someone who is experiencing burnout? Maybe you’re the person who constantly passes on vacation plans? Maybe you’re interested in traveling in the future, but the thought of planning and researching stresses you out. Being in the healthcare field and experiencing burnout is very common especially since COVID-19. We wanted to share with you the importance of taking a future vacation and how it benefits your mental health.

To say thank you to all healthcare workers, we want to give you a $100 off discount on our Greece, Tanzania, Turkey, and South of France 2021 trips. All you have to do is enter the discount code: ‘MELANINDOC21’. Tell them Melanin Doc sent you!

Website: http://www.theladiesabroad.co

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/theladiesabroad

The Ladies Abroad Review 

As a registered nurse, I never realized how burned out I was until after a year and a half into my career. I got so used to putting the needs of others ahead of mine, that I neglected much needed self care.  Around that time I came upon The Ladies Abroad travel company and decided it was the perfect opportunity to take my first “solo” trip abroad. TLA was responsible for planning arrangements and accommodations, all I had to do was show up! With all the stress of the job, it was a relief to know that I could just be present the days leading up to my trip and during my time in the Amalfi Coast.  While I didn’t want to ever leave, I returned to work refreshed and ready to save lives!

– Omo, The Ladies Abroad past attendee (the Amalfi Coast, Italy 2019)

Nana is the owner of The Ladies Abroad, and is based in Dallas, Texas. She graduated with her bachelors degree from Texas Woman’s University and moved to London, England to receive her masters degree at the University of London. Nana discovered her passion for travel while living in London and being surrounded by people from different cultural backgrounds. She took a leap of faith and moved to a city where she knew absolutely no one but grew to learn more about herself along the way. While she wasn’t in school, she found herself taking solo trips to different European countries. She met some of her lifelong friends on these spontaneous trips and even moved to Bali, Indonesia after she completed her dissertation in September 2017. 

While traveling, she discovered the need for women-travel and created The Ladies Abroad. Her goal is to create a safe space to inspire women to meet new people, outgrow comfort zones, and visit beautiful destinations. Traveling truly does give us a new perspective on life and the memories you’ll make on The Ladies Abroad trips will be something you’ll never forget.

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