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Hair Talk: Bantu Knots

A couple weeks ago, I hung out with some of my new creative friends here in Grand Rapids and shot around. I had never worn my bantu knots outside since I normally use them to stretch my hair at night. But I’m glad I agreed to be the subject this time. I started out with bantu knots and slowly unraveled them throughout the shoot to end in a fro (before heading to my friend’s to study lol).

I have a lot to say about my journey with natural hair, especially as of late being in medical school in a city so unlike my diverse home of Los Angeles. But the words haven’t come. And that is ok. When they do, I will share them just because I need to get my thoughts out of my head. I have been struggling with anxiety about wearing my hair how I want, regardless of how anyone else might feel. I thought I would be past all of that by now, but new spaces come with new experiences. I honestly think part of my anxiety stemmed from the desire to just be. To not have to talk about my hair or explain anything to any one. To just be a student and deal with the “normal” level of stress that comes with that. LOL. As if that was realistic. I just put my hair away because of this winter cold drying my crown out, and I already felt my anxiety levels rising as I thought about the comments (good or bad) that I will get tomorrow. I really am an extrovert introvert y’all.

Anyways, until I am ready to break it down, enjoy these photos that have grown on me each time I looked through them. It’s still weird seeing myself in a photo, but I am so grateful to have them to look back on. Click on each to get the full view.

Photos were taken by the talented Emily Dekoster (@emilydekoster). I will share another set of shots from my friend Josh Schripsema (@joshschripsema) in the future to show his amazing eye as well! Check them out on instagram, and comment below with how the photos made you feel. Whatever comes to mind, I’d like to know.

Osose Oboh is a medical student, visual storyteller, content creator, and advocate for minorities pursuing careers in medicine. She went to UCLA obtaining her B.S. in Biology before going to the University of Southern California for her MPH with a focus on Global Health Leadership. Following the completion of a postbac program at Charles R. Drew University, she matriculated into Michigan State University College of Human Medicine! In addition to her medical career pursuits, Osose has been working as a freelance photographer for seven years, and has shot her own visual art projects in addition to weddings, graduations, fashion and lifestyle photography, and her favorite, travel photography. She plans on combining her passion for photography, global/public health, and medicine in her future career.

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