Help, I’m tired! Prayers for Perseverance - Melanin Doc
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Help, I’m tired! Prayers for Perseverance

Throughout this journey I’m pretty sure we have all experienced a new level of exhaustion to say the least.I am absolutely amazed at how much we are able to accomplish and the amount of energy we perform on.

I am grateful, as we all are, for having this opportunity nonetheless BURNOUT IS REAL. Once during my devotional time a couple of years ago I was blessed with this prayer to help encourage me to PERSEVERE, so I was lead to share.

No matter your faith or beliefs we all share the common human experience of being tired and ultimately, we need encouragement at times to keep pressing on. My hope is that this prayer and these scriptures leave you rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed to continue to study a little longer and work a little harder.

Comment below how you continue to persevere when everything in you screams, “Help, I’m tired!”.

Asia Colen is a class of 2021 osteopathic medical student with faith that her future will exceed expectations.  She attends the 2nd medical school established, after a century, in her home state of Arkansas. She is a non-traditional, second generation medical student, firmly believing in God’s perfect timing and passionate about encouraging others.

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