How I Studied for STEP 1: UFAPS for 250+! (Part 3) - Melanin Doc
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How I Studied for STEP 1: UFAPS for 250+! (Part 3)

Learn how I studied for the USMLE Step 1 Exam using the famous UFAPS method to score a 250! In this video, I talk about what I did in my 1st and 2nd Year leading up to dedicated step study time and what my approach was during dedicated STEP studying!

Abraham Bankole is a orthopaedic surgery resident at UT Austin’s Dell Medical School! Originally born in Nigeria, I grew up in Houston, Texas, went to UT Austin for undergrad, and UT San Antonio for medical school. Check out my YouTube channel for general advice, board preparation strategies, and to check out what it’s like to be a medical student / orthopaedic surgery resident!

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