How to Excel as a First Year Medical Student? - Melanin Doc
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How to Excel as a First Year Medical Student?

Are you curious to find out how the first year of med school is? In this episode, we break down how we were able to navigate through our first year of medical school. We discuss the resources we used to study for class and how we were able to travel on numerous occasions while staying on top of our studies. Additionally, we dive into our creative sides and what we do in our spare time. Thank you guys for tuning in and we hope that you find it insightful!

We all started medical school summer 2018 not sure of what it would entail but determined nonetheless to succeed. The African American male presence in medicine is rare, and we knew that we were blessed with the opportunity to be on this journey together. Understanding that there are many minorities who aspire to pursue a career in medicine we decided to start a YouTube channel to create an authentic experience for them and show them that medicine is possible. Representation matters, and often times you do not know who you can be until you see someone you relate to in that position. We are normal people who do what the average 26 year old would do in Houston, Seattle, and New York.. we just happen to be in medical school. Our plan is to keep it real explaining our paths to medical school, pro tips on how to succeed, and ultimately to show products of similar environments who look like us, talk like us, listen to the same music and dress like us that medicine is pretty wavy!

Kennedy Osuagwu – Instagram and Twitter: @dom_kennedy

Trevor McKoy – Instagram and Twitter: @trevmckoy

Derrek Edukugho – Instagram: @the_behemoth / Twitter: @I_am_DerrekMan

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