Juneteenth: A National Holiday? - Melanin Doc
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Juneteenth: A National Holiday?

Each year on June 19, many communities across our country commemorate our country’s ending of slavery. Many of us are familiar with the holiday of Juneteenth. It is endearingly termed Juneteenth Independence Day or Freedom day.

Nonetheless, there are many that are unfamiliar and unaware of this holiday. It is not recognized nationally as the 4th of July and I have posed the question, “Why?”.  I desire for this to spark conversation and inspire those across our country to continue to explore and learn more about our history as it is important to our future. We are “Our ancestors’ wildest dreams” so why not pay homage in a more outstanding way by recognizing this day alongside the many other national holidays.

Comment below your thoughts about this being a national holiday, ways you have celebrated Juneteenth, steps you desire to take in order to create change in our country, and/or any additional history you would like to share!

Asia Colen is a class of 2021 osteopathic medical student with faith that her future will exceed expectations.  She attends the 2nd medical school established, after a century, in her home state of Arkansas. She is a non-traditional, second generation medical student, firmly believing in God’s perfect timing and passionate about encouraging others.

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