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Who is Melanin Doc?

“I just hate constantly feeling like I don’t belong here..”


 There’s an unfortunate pattern that most of us face as we climb the educational ladder. As we progress, debilitating thoughts and feelings start to slowly invade our headspace as we see fewer people of color climb the ladder with us. Without a sense of belonging, the effects of social isolation likely cause us to feel that our presence at the institution was a mistake. These thought patterns can sometimes affect our performance and ultimately our self-esteem and happiness.


In fact, studies have shown that Black medical students experience social isolation as well as racism and unconscious bias perpetuated by both peers and faculty members. Of course, this feeling can be paralleled to all Black health professional students and workers in various levels and settings


So! It’s for this reason that we felt the need to create a place where Black people could come and feel some sense of unity and encouragement. We wanted people to see that although they may be one of few wherever they are, collectively we are all pushing the boundaries to achieve in unimaginable ways.


We wanted to create a place that was inherently us. For us. By us. Melanin Doc was then born in 2016 with this vision in mind and has bloomed into a growing 501(c)(3) non-profit organization thanks to the love shown by people who relate or empathize with our challenges and our aspirations. 


Who is Melanin Doc? We all are. This page is for us. Thank you so much for the love and support over the past four years. You can support us by joining our teambuying Melanin Doc Merchwriting a blogdonating and connecting with us. 


Welcome to Melanin Doc

Melanin Doc is a non-profit which was started in June 2016 with the purpose of shedding light on minorities in the field of medicine. Diversity is more necessary to the outcome of our patients and our goal is to create more Melanin Docs.

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