Why She Quit Medical School - Melanin Doc
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Why She Quit Medical School

What is your why? Why are you pursuing the career field/path that you are right now? Do you really want to be a physician for the right reasons? How do you find your “why”?

Those are just a few questions that I’d like to have more people thinking about as we get older and get closer to our dreams/ultimate goals/professional careers.

If the feedback on this topic is good, I will continue with this series, but you all must let me know that you want to see more!

Hope you all enjoyed this vlog featuring my good friend, Catherine! If I could motivate and inspire at least 1 student out there, then I’d feel like I’ve done a good job. Let me know what you think pretty please! Thank you for the support and love as always 🙂

Black Girl White Coat is a social media initiative created by Sandra Coker, an emergency medicine resident at The University of Chicago. Inspired by the lack of representation, mentorship, and proper advising opportunities available for students of color, Sandra made it her purpose to fill in the gap. Black Girl White Coat is a platform crafted to provide motivation, mentorship, and scholarship to those traditionally underrepresented in healthcare career fields.

Check out their Website: Blackgirlwhitecoat.org

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