The Melaninship Model

Identify minority pre-medical fellows

Match minority pre-medical fellows with minority medical students

Longitudinal 12-month fellow engagement

Fellows are equipped to successfully apply to medical school

Identify minority pre-medical fellows

In partnership with undergraduate institutions, non-profit organizations, and professional societies, we seek out underserved students who lack orientation to the medical school admissions process.

Match minority pre-medical fellows with minority medical students

Using fellow preferences, we match them with minority medical students. Unlike other mentorship programs, we provide a financial incentive to all medical student mentors in the form of a stipend to ensure quality and active engagement.

Longitudinal 12-month fellow engagement

Our goal is to demystify the medical school application process. To achieve this, fellows engage in bi-monthly 1:1 mentorship, expert-led monthly medical school readiness workshops, MCAT preparation, and have access to our pre-medical resources.

Fellows are prepared for successful medical school applications

After our 12-month mentorship program, fellows gain a clear understanding and the confidence to succeed as medical school applicants.

I love this program because it is like having a big sibling that has been in your exact shoes to guide you.

– Melaninship Pre-med Fellow 2023

Scholarship Fund

The medical school application process can be a financial burden to many, particularly underserved students. To be a successful medical school applicant necessitates the financial means to fund expensive MCAT courses and application fees. At Melanin Doc, we hope to alleviate the financial burden of applying to medical school by providing free MCAT resources and scholarships that can be used to support associated application fees.


Melaninship fellows are minority pre-med undergraduate students seeking to understand what it takes to competitively and successfully apply to medical school. Eligible candidates are juniors, seniors, and recent college graduates within 3 years who are applying to medical school in the next calendar year. Melaninship mentors are minority medical students attending a U.S medical school. We strongly encourage first and second-year medical students to apply.
The program is 12 months long.
Melaninship fellows are required to meet with their mentors twice a month for 1 hour each and attend mandatory monthly workshops.
Our workshops feature a variety of sessions, including student-led discussions on navigating the medical field as a minority and crafting a compelling personal statement. Faculty-led sessions, with physicians from various medical school admission’s departments, who provide valuable insight on becoming a competitive medical school applicant. Additionally, we’ve partnered with MCAT preparatory companies to provide free MCAT resources to our fellows.
Mentors are paid $750.
Yes, however, only international students planning to apply to a U.S medical school will be considered.
Our sessions will be 100% virtual. But there will be opportunities throughout the 12 months for fellows and mentors to meet in person.
The scholarship fund is open to all applicants; however, preference will be given to low-income, minority students interested in pursuing medicine.

Our goal is to foster the next generation of diverse healthcare providers. To learn more about how your donation can contribute to increasing the representation of minorities in medicine please visit our website

We provide numerous scholarships for minority students through our website To stay updated on current opportunities, follow us on our social media platforms Instagram & Twitter.

At Melanin Doc, we believe it is critical to collaborate with stakeholders who are interested in our mission. If you are interested in speaking with our team, sponsoring our programming, or a specific workshop, please email us at with the subject line “Partner”.